Balobi Fishing

The Balobi Group of Companies is an integrated Fishing Group based in Port St Francis. They process, package and export squid, hake and pilchards. Line fish is presently sold to the local market but Balobi is in the process of getting accreditation to export to the European Union and other countries.

The Group’s fish packing and processing facility is in close proximity to the fishing waters where the finest quality fish on offer in the market place is caught.

Fish is offloaded either fresh or sea frozen, then processed and packaged according to their client’s needs. Freshly caught long line hake is sent on a 36 hour journey by truck and airplane mostly to Spain. Sea and land frozen squid is sold to all the Mediterranean countries and land frozen finger laid pilchard bait is sold to the tuna long line fleet operating in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The Balobi Group founder, Anton Viljoen, started commercial fishing on a small scale with his own ski and deck boats in the early 1980s. Since then the Balobi Group has developed into a well established group of companies.

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