DMA Fishing

DMA Fishing mainly export hake to Spain and squid is sold to all the Mediterranean countries. Pilchard is sold and exported as bait.

One of the founders of DMA Fishing, Don Christy, was a legend in his own right. Early in 1983 Don and his son Mark landed a catch of chokka in Plettenberg Bay with the intention to sell it as bait. They met a fish exporter Andrew Kaye, who knew that this fish was sold as a high-priced delicacy in European food markets.

Don and a few others were soon exploring potential export markets for South African squid, and the multi-million industry as we know it today was born. The center of the fishing grounds is off St Francis Bay. Mark was joined by his brother Greg and the business now is involved in the catching, packing and processing of not only squid, but hake and pilchards. Their factory, D Christy and Sons, is based in Humansdorp.

Contact person: Greg Christy Contact phone number: 042 2941977 Email address: