Events and Amenities

A visitor to Port St Francis can choose to relax and do as little as possible or have a day filled with activities. You can watch the people working on the boats or laze around the pool at the Port Hotel, or fill your day with adventure activities such as deep sea fishing, leisure cruising or a flight over the Kouga.

The Village of St Francis Bay is a visual and architectural delight with its mixture of white thatched homes around the natural canals and Santareme with its Mediterranean style homes. The lifestyle is easy and relaxed, as no matter where you are, you are close to nature to enjoy the ocean with a good chance of getting a glimpse of a Southern Right whale between June and November or huge schools of dolphins. Add to this an abundance of seals and otters and the 200 species of birds documented by bird watchers.The entire area calls for yachting, jet skiing, rock, surf and game fishing and diving.